Story of Choun Chantheoun, an Active Female Student

Teachers and management team pays close attention regarding the performance and information of every student studying at the CCAFO English Center. It is their purpose not only providing English language course but also find the way to help improve the academic condition in the area, as well as to ensure that the students are doing well while they are at the school.

Photo: Teacher Chin Heng at the CCAFO English Language Center

Photo: Teacher Chin Heng at the CCAFO English Language Center

Chin Heng is a teacher, who has been working as the CCAF English Language Teacher after setting up this center.  Heng wishes to introduce Choun Chantheoun, who has been studying the English language with him since early 2017.

Photo: Choun Chantheoun in the middle with her classmates at the CCAFO English Center

Photo: Choun Chantheoun in the middle with her classmates at the CCAFO English Center

Chantheoun is seven years old and she is studying grade 1 at Toul Tmey Primary School. She lives in Kandal Village, Peang Lvea Commune, Oudong District, Kampong Speu Province. She is the middle child among the three siblings and her parents are factory workers. Her family living condition in poverty category 1 in the village.

At one time prior to joining the English language course in early 2017, her friend introduced Chantheoun the CCAF English Language Center.  With curiosity, love, and passion to learn the foreign language, she approached the staff and through the entrance examination, she was given the opportunity to be an English Language student.

As a grade 1 student, Chanheoun studies in the morning (from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM) and after school, she usually, travels by her bicycle to the English Language Center.

Chantheoun is studying the English language through Family and Friend Level Starter, which she has passed the English for Children.  According to the attendance record, Chantheoun is one of the active English language students.  “Both her attendance and performance are great.  She always shows up at the class on time.  She can read and write a lot of words in English. Her handwriting is also clear and better if compared to some of her classmates who are at the same level of her age”, Chin Heng said. Resulted from the knowledge July 2018 test record score, she made 60/100.  It shows that she gains better knowledge if compared to prior to joining the course.  Chin Heng observed that during the class period, Chantheoun always be quiet and carefully listen to the teacher. Most importantly, she has never missed any homework and always returned with the completed homework. She has a vision that she wants to be the English language teacher for children in the communities.

Chin Heng and all his students would like to say “Thank You” to all funders for supporting this school.

The information in this case study given the verbal agreement of Choun Chantheoun.

The story composed by CCAFO English Language Teacher Kuch Chun Boramy and Chin Heng. Edited by: School Principal Rithy Chandara.  July 30, 2018



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