Enable Computer Aided Teaching at Resource Restricted Region
(Yau Lam Yiu and Virginia Lam)

In an internet era, Computer Aided Teaching (CAT) is common in schools located in cities. CAT  accelerates the learning process for students. It allows teaching and study materials to be delivered in an innovative, efficient and environmental friendly way to both students and teachers. Having an establishment of CAT and promoting e-learning in rural area is particularly difficult because of the problems such as lack of electricity, facilities and resources, especially in the distanced areas.  In this proposal, we will address the key concerns and possible solutions when enhancing the CAT toolkit in the rural areas.  

Benefit of CAT:
With computer aided teaching, student learning quality may be enhanced by providing  multimedia contents for visual and hearing sensory teaching that would stimulate a higher level of interest and knowledge absorption from learning various study materials.  A CAT device may provide video of methods, picture of objects and sound of native pronounce of a given language. That, on one hand, eliminates passing of incorrect information to students while it delivers the precise contents to students in an effective and interesting way.

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