Donation+Annual Strategic Plan and Staff Capacity Building

Announcement: October 7, 2018

The Cambodian Children’s Advocacy Foundation Organization (CCAFO) is very pleased to announce that Mr. Robin Chan, Ms. Evelyn Pek, and Ms. Shane Wang contributed CCAFO in cash with 1,000.00US$ for the Annual Strategic Plan and in-house staff capacity building. This was resulted to our appeal early this month.

Every year, CCAFO team members join the strategic plan to review the achievements and plan for the following year. This year (2018), it is special as all project team members including English Language and Village Based Preschool, as well as supporting team will need to join together. Beside the plan (Action and Budget) that the team will put together, they will do the exercise to develop the school management system, school & teachers code of conduct, and students’ progress report to ensure that all preschools and English language center meet the minimum standard requirement. The Annual Strategic Plan Workshop and Staff Capacity Building will be held in Kampot Provincial Town from October 16 to 19, 2018.

CCAFO adhere to develop staff capacity building for project good outcome, thus students gain a better knowledge for a better life!

In response to Mr. Robin Chan, Ms. Evelyn Pek and Ms. Shane Wang recent donation to CCAFO, the management group with all project team members of CCAFO in saying “សូមអរគុណច្រើនដល់អ្នក” meaning “Thank You So Much”, for your generosity.

Hing Channarith