Updated July 18, 2019: 24 students (12 girls) are currently attending this school. Photos on the right/below side showing students interaction in learning with teacher, and preschool unit supervisor Yeung Sarang carries out mentoring to help teacher to gain a better way of teaching students. Photos: Yoeun Sarang, Preschool Unit Supervisor.

Chrak Khley Village Based Preschool was opened on April 1, 2019. Supporting this project is funded by friends (Mr. Robin Chan, Ms. Evelyn Pek and Ms. Shane Wang). There are 15 students (8 girls). These students are 4 and 5 year old. Progress of this preschool will be updated.


Mrs. Kao Saunita is the newly teacher. She has the ability and commitment to assist these students to reach their goal.

Location the school

Location the school