Review from Kuch Chunboramy-Former Local CCAFO English Language Center


Chunborarmy was the teacher working at the CCAFO English Language Center during her summertime (2018).  While working, she taught the English language, conducted interaction activities with students and carried out students database record as well as joined the team composing report.  We appreciate her job performance and hope that we will have the opportunity to work with her again.  We wish her the best of her study, and with her knowledge, she will become a knowledgeable people. The following is her review:

My name is Kuch Chunboramy, a sophomore at the American University of Phnom Penh. I worked as an English teacher and administrative staff at the CCAFO English Center for three months as part of my summer job. It had another meaningful experience with the Cambodian Children’s Advocacy Foundation. I really like the kids here. They are very friendly, funny, and I feel at ease and comfortable around them. I also get to learn a lot about administrative works and how an NGO functions. All the teachers there are nice too and I really enjoy working with them. Most importantly, I am sincerely grateful to the Cambodian Children’s Advocacy Foundation Organization for giving a college student like me an opportunity to gain such a precious experience.

Photos highlight about Chunboramy activities.

Hing ChannarithComment