Koem Davy Review

CCAFO Management Team would like to thank Koem Davy who was one of great teachers working and shared her knowledge with students.  Together with all teachers and management team, she did very good job during her short-term employment with CCAFO.  We hope to work with Davy in the future and wish her the best.

The following are the statement from Koem Davy.

My name is Koem Davy. I’m a university student and spent my summer internship working with CCAFO as the local English language teacher from late May 2018 to end of July 2018. 

Koem Davy with a group of her students-CCAFO English Language School

Koem Davy with a group of her students-CCAFO English Language School

At the CCAFO English Center, in the morning, I worked as a teacher and in the afternoon I helped to do some administrative work including students’ progress and attendance records. For the first time when I started with this project, I did not really know to do because I did not have any experiences in both teaching and working.  Starting from the first day of working, I needed to observe other teachers’ teaching and to understand how they teach the kids here. I quite understand a lot about it and know that becoming a teacher is not that easy. Moreover, I have learnt so many things about administrative work especially working as a group. I learnt that working as a group here require to share experience/knowledge and every one of the group work and collaborate all together because one work cannot achieve unless they are cooperating. What I love the most about working here are the kids. The kids are easy going and friendly. Besides, the coworkers are also nice and friendly and I liked working with them. After finish working here, what I miss the most maybe about the time that I used to teach the children in the class. This job taught me that each and every work demand every person’s commitment, and motivation.  Last but not least, I would like to thank Cambodian Children Advocacy Foundation Organization that gave me this opportunity to serve the communities.  I wish that this school will continue to open forever!

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