In early 2018, through IDEA Foundation, CCAFO team coordinated the volunteer service trip of IDEA team and Principal, teachers and students of Ying Wa College for their decoration and finishing practice the classroom, playground and toilet rooms for local students at the CCAFO English Language Center, where the initial discussion between the three organizations (CCAFO-Ying Wa College and IDEA Foundation) on formation the long term partnership.  This idea has been discussed and it is in the process of identifying the key objectives and primary activities that these three institutions will work together.

We would like to thank you to IDEA Foundation Founder and Director Mr. Robert Wong for his introduction Ying Wa College team to CCAFO, and special thank to Ying Wa College Principal Mr. Allan Cheng and his colleagues for supporting our partnership proposal.  To learn about Ying Wa College, please visit website at https://www.yingwa.edu.hk

In the slideshow below: The service trip of Ying Wa students, school principal and teachers and IDEA Team & Volunteers from Hong Kong and NTTI (local partner) is February 18 to 24, 2018.

In the slideshow below: The visit of CCAFO English Language School Principal and Education Manager to Ying Wa College is April 9-13, 2018.